Office Depot Desk Chair

Whether it’s at home or in a business setting, the perfect office ambience requires a variety of essentials for everyday tasks. And even your desk accessories can express your style and personality. A desk, chair and computer are just the start of a productive workspace. Whether you work in a cubicle, a private office or […]

Kitchen & Bath Design News

When discovering kitchen ideas, there are several aspects to consider and keep in mind as you browse kitchen photos. First and foremost, you should carefully consider your layout and where to place large appliances. Next, you should focus on storage; kitchens contain a lot of utensils, pots, pans and gadgets, and you need to have […]

Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner

It’s Curtains Use a mixture of one-half cup of Heinz® Vinegar diluted with one gallon of water to wipe away soapy film, mildew, and grimy buildup from your shower curtains. Or simply place your shower and bath curtains in the washing machine along with a bath towel. Add one cup of Heinz® White Vinegar during […]

Kid Craft Kitchen

  What happens when you cover the bottom of a plate with water and place a sugar cube on the plate? After a few minutes, the sugar in the cube will vanish! Learn why in this Icy Worm Pond science experiment. Cooking with kids is both educational and fun. Creating sweet treats and desserts together […]

Kitchen Countertops Home Depot

Dekton Countertops Cutting-edge mix of raw materials with the most scratch resistant surface on the market. Heat resistant and completely stain proof. Quartz Countertops One of the worlds hardest surfaces. Available in limitless colors and patterns. Withstands spills, heat, scratches, and more. Granite Countertops Offers timeless appeal and durability. Available in many colors and patterns […]

Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

There are certain rules to decorating a small bath, but in the right space, rules can be broken. May these inspirational small bathroom photos, along with decorating ideas and tips for small baths, help you create a bathroom that functions and looks as grand as a large one. Although this bath was done on a […]

Why Did The Burger Kitchen Close

David is challenged to cook a fresh burger, he comes up with the “Redemption Burger”,whilst owner Alan cooks up a prepared burger. Gordon loves David’s burger but hates Alan’s, this leads to a walk out. For the evening service, Daniel is sent out to work front of house and there is ticket confusion. Food speeds […]

The Kitchen Company

Company Kitchen is a comprehensive workplace food service solution that combines cutting-edge technology with a larger variety of fresh, healthy, delicious foods. Our CK Cafes, CK Markets and other Company Kitchen brands offer employees a benefit that sets your company apart from others. We provide resources to increase wellness at work as well as provide […]

Bathroom Layout Planner

Next Up Bathroom Layouts Explore the different types of bathroom layouts, and determine which layout is best for your bathroom space. Basement Layouts and Plans Refinish your basement and create a gorgeous living space with these tips for designing a basement layout. Master Bathroom Layouts Find all the info you’ll need on master bathroom layouts, […]

Kitchen Planner Tool

Make your dream room a reality Become your own interior designer with the help of the IKEA Planner Tools. Drag and drop your choice of furniture into the room and fit them to the exact measurements of your home. Rearrange and try different styles until you’re satisfied with the result. View it in 3D and […]