Macy’s Kitchen Towels

Macy's Kitchen Towels

The 14 colors might not be the most on offer, but they are (in my opinion) the nicest. They have a rich quality that just looks more expensive than the others. Towels by Gus, who sells this towel, also offers a unique swatch program whereby you can request four samples and receive 4-by-4-inch swatches to make a more informed decision. When we first published this guide, we featured these Caro Home towels as Towels by Gus towels. We were mistaken. Towels by Gus is the retailer (they sell many brands of towels), and you can find this same MicroCotton towel on ATG Stores and through Caro Home’s site. But we’ve found the best price for this towel through Towels by Gus. (The towel is also sometimes labeled as a Home Source International towel, but it’s the same towel sold through Caro Home.) Since we first published this guide, Towels by Gus changed their return policy; they now offer a 90-day warranty, though the towels must be unwashed and unused.
macy's kitchen towels 1

Macy's Kitchen Towels

This is the second time we’ve tested the Fieldcrest towel (it was the runner-up in our original review), and both times it outperformed much pricier towels. This year it felt nearly as good against the skin and absorbed as effectively as the Lands’ End and Caro Home offerings, our runner-up and upgrade picks, which are two to three times as expensive. The bargain price of the Fieldcrest towel likely reflects that it’s made from lower-quality cotton, which might mean it won’t wear as well over the long term as our other picks. Target’s site indicates that these towels are made from “micro-cotton.” Even after we made two calls and sent an email to Target, the company wouldn’t confirm whether this material is the same as the long-staple MicroCotton (the trademarked cotton our Caro Home upgrade pick is made of). We suspect it isn’t, particularly because the company doesn’t use the trademarked word in its description. Typically, towels at this price are marked “made of 100% cotton,” which usually indicates a lower-grade, short-staple cotton. In our tests, the Fieldcrest towel did feel better against the skin than the other towels marked as 100 percent cotton, such as those from IKEA and WestPoint Home. We’ll monitor how well the Fieldcrest stands up to more washings, but so far we have no complaints about it getting rougher or thinner after 10 washes.
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

In general, the towels lost the most weight after the first wash-and-dry cycle. Interestingly, the towels were slightly lighter after the fifth wash-and-dry than after the tenth. The minor discrepancy might have to do with the moisture in the towels after drying (or if there was more humidity in the air when we weighed the towels).
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

One Sweethome editor has owned some of these Fieldcrest bath towels and hand towels for nearly four years and says they’re fantastic. They’ve worn really well, and they remain soft, absorbent, and fluffy. Her only note is that the stitching came out of the hem of one of the towels. Overall, she says she’s very happy with them, and she has been replacing an old set with new Fieldcrest towels whenever they go on sale at Target.
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

As with other home textiles, such as sheets, the best towels are made from long-staple or extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton, which produces smoother, stronger yarn than regular cotton does. Generally the fibers of the long-staple variety range from 1⅛ to 1¼ inches, while ELS is 1⅜ inches or longer. Labels that say Turkish, Egyptian, Pima, Supima (the brand name for American Pima), or MicroCotton usually indicate long-staple or ELS cotton. According to many sources, including the thorough Macy’s Towel Buying Guide, this type of cotton is softer, stronger, and more absorbent.
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

The “zero twist” label also gets a lot of hype. According to another of Macy’s towel buying guides, “Twist refers to the number of twists per inch of yarn. The lower the amount of twist in a yarn, the more plush the towel will be. A higher twist adds strength and uniformity to a yarn, resulting in a more durable, substantial feeling towel. Low- or zero-twist fabric can only be constructed from longer staple cotton yarn.” Because both zero-twist and higher-twist towels have their positive attributes, we called in both types.
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

88 percent of the readers who responded to our survey said they wanted basic or extra-thick terry-cloth towels. Terry cloth has loops of yarn that extend from the weave and absorb moisture well. For our original review, we considered waffle bath towels and flat-woven Turkish (peshtemal) towels, but for this update we opted to focus entirely on terry cloth.
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Macy's Kitchen Towels

At this point, I used the towels in my home for real-life testing. I showered several times a day and used each of the towels a couple of times over the course of a week, taking notes about such aspects as the towels’ softness, how well they dried in my bathroom, the stitching of the edges, whether the decorative bands were annoying, and the overall experience of how nice (or not) each one was to use. In all, I showered over two dozen times while testing.
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A major complaint from our readers about our former top pick, Pottery Barn’s Hydrocotton Bath Towel, was that it shed excessively in the dryer, even after many washes. After 10 cycles through the wash, the Fieldcrest lost roughly 19 grams of weight, about average in terms of weight fluctuation across the towels we tested. The towel from IKEA, for one, lost less, but that’s also a much thinner towel with less fiber to begin with. And for the record, in this round of testing the Pottery Barn towel shed less than the Fieldcrest one (only about 13 grams after the tenth wash), so we suspect that the offending towels might have had some quality issues. The Fieldcrest, like the other towels in this round of testing, lost the most weight during its first wash and dry, and didn’t seem to lose a lot of fiber in progressive washings. Overall, we don’t think excessive shedding will be an issue with the Fieldcrest.
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If you’re willing to pay more for softness, you may prefer the Caro Home MicroCotton Towel. MicroCotton is a trademarked type of long-staple cotton that was developed in India. We found this towel to be among the lightest and thinnest in our group, with a dense texture and shorter loops than on the Fieldcrest. Thin towels generally feel rough or scratchy (think cheap gym towels), but the Caro Home towel we tried felt especially soft, even against the face. It’s softer than both the Fieldcrest and Lands’ End towels. Basically, you get the best of both worlds: a thin towel that dries quickly but is notably soft and absorbent.
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Towel makers typically treat them with a variety of coatings and finishes, such as fabric softener, to give them “shelf appeal” and to make them feel fluffy and soft in the store. Like a peacock’s plumage, it’s there to entice you! However, such coatings make the towels less absorbent, so you want to get rid of them before using the towel. (And honestly, how many people groped those towels before you did?) Wash your new towels in plain water with a cup of white vinegar, and then with a bit of detergent.
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Using too much detergent can make your towels feel stiff and cause a buildup of residue. Likewise, fabric softener can leave a waxy buildup on towels that decreases the cotton’s natural absorbency. Using a softener every once in a while (if your towels feel scratchy) is probably fine. But by and large, try to avoid using softeners regularly.
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Follow the laundering directions on your towel’s tag. Several articles about towel care, including those from Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple, recommend cold or warm water. Hot water will fade colors more quickly and cause the material to lose softness. (The one exception is white towels, which can get dingy in cold water over time.) And you should wash your towels every three to four uses. To put it right out there, you shed. Skin cells. Millions of them. So even though you’re squeaky clean when you dry off, you’re still leaving something behind. Also, the longer your towels go between washings, the more likely they are to develop mildew.
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It’s made of Supima cotton (a trademarked type of Pima cotton), an extra-long-staple variety. One of the Macy’s towel guides says, “Known for producing rich, extra-long staple fibers prized for their strength and absorbency, Pima is considered to be a superior of cotton.”

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